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A new novel by Toni Fuhrman

Announcing the upcoming publication of THE SECOND MRS. PRICE, a new novel by Toni Fuhrman, available February 2018.

From the moment Griff turns up in his dusty red pickup truck, Selene is infatuated. Unfortunately, she’s married to Alex — Griff’s brother. Will Selene disregard her own scruples and risk everything — the security of her marriage and the husband she still loves, her career, her home — for an elusive man she passionately desires but who may leave as suddenly as he turned up?

Pre-release praise for THE SECOND MRS. PRICE:

“A compelling tale woven from the eternal conflict between our need to belong, to be rooted, and our desire to escape those bonds and follow our passions.”

Judith Kirscht, novelist and author of The Camera’s Eye

“An intriguing view of life, of knowing one’s self, and of love within, without, or in spite of marriage.”

Mary Trimble, novelist and author of Maureen

“Dramatic, intimate, clear-eyed, incisive. Once you’ve spent time with Selene, Alex, and Griff, you’ll not only understand these people, you’ll fully believe in their lives.”

Holly Prado, poet and author of Really Truly: Autobiographies