What is a blog?

It’s a cell phone image. Not necessarily refined to the last pixel. Not overly composed. It’s a camera held up to a moment in thought. Not profound but telling. At that moment the best instrument available to capture what the writer sees and feels. A shiny new thought that, by the time it makes its way into a more formal composition will be lost or at least dulled by a more refined contemplation.

The thing about a cell phone is that it’s always handy. The Nikon is squirreled safely away somewhere but the moment is now and the cell phone is here.

And what do we do when we have an image we like? We show it to our friends and to people who share our interests. Thus – the blog.

One thought on “What is a blog?

  1. What a perfect description. I often find myself, throughout the day, thinking some random thought or seeing some new insight and actually formulating it as a blog post. The thing I’ve found tricky is grabbing that idea and storing it somewhere so I can write it down the next time I’m in front of a computer. I do have a list of topics and ideas that I plan to visit in the future, but I’m sure that ten times as many as I have listed have vanished into the unvisited corners of my mind.


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