The neverending sentence

It’s interesting that there are a fair number of people I encounter or listen to on various media who have a hard time putting a finish to their thoughts perhaps because they have so much to say there is scarcely enough time or breath to complete a statement or maybe they’re embarrassed to stop before they say something meaningful or it could be that the mere act of enunciation eventually permits their random thoughts to cohere and brings their commentary to a resounding conclusion and in some cases they shut up out of sheer exhaustion.

This has nothing to do with the speakers’ available knowledge or level of education or expertise but is rather a facet of their personality in that if they reach a period too soon they may not have another chance to get to whatever point they’re determined to make and if they don’t say everything that’s on their mind the thought may disintegrate into smoke and the world or the listener as the case may be will be denied the benefit of their wisdom and if they allow interruption they may be in the humiliating position wherein having begun with something notable to say and having let many moments and many words pass into eternity have not yet even remotely approached their objective and are about to be silenced and superseded by another and perhaps conflicting point of view.

And this is not even including those who having begun by making one statement lose their way and veering sharply to left or right race on hoping the alternate road they’ve taken will ultimately bring them back to the main highway on the way to their original destination even if the cost is even more time and a super-size helping of additional verbiage.

I wonder if it’s a contemporary urge to surge, a Gilmore Girls’ phenomenon, or just a cultural quirk that will eventually peter out, like the neverending sentence itself.

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