Waiting to write

It is early morning. Not yet light. My eyes are closed. I am half-conscious, waiting to write.

The thoughts, the words, begin to wash over me, in small, barely etched, waves. I begin to see a line, a thought, an image behind my closed eyes. I know it is important to remember this. Pencil and paper require moving. Moving might cause the line, the thought, the image to transform, or disappear.

I focus, bringing all my powers of memory and concentration to bear on that shimmery line, that evocative image, that bubble of thought. I am fearful of opening my eyes. It is like a pleasant dream that evaporates with consciousness.

If I open my eyes, I may retain this gift, or it may transform with sight, or it may go away. Dare I open my eyes? This line, thought, image could be a poem, a story, a novel. All it takes is a pinpoint of inspiration to call forth an entire work, fixed in time and space, surrounded by its own aura, built within its own unique structure.

I go over it again and again. Yes. I have it. It is fixed. It is mine. But I still don’t open my eyes. Somehow, something – or everything – will change at that moment. It is the anticipation, the smell, the taste, before the swallowing.

I hold it within me, like the first taste of a fine wine in my mouth.

One thought on “Waiting to write

  1. I really enjoyed this post. It really captured my thoughts on my creativity recently. I have written three outlines in the past month derived from dreams. They were ideas I had to capture on “paper” ie. my hp “notebook”, before they disappeared completely. One idea is destined to become a complete work, the others were still significant because they indicate how the imaginative process is still working all the time. I often go into my imagination while at work (on an assembly line), and I can’t believe how my hands seem to go on automatic pilot, and my brain is creating something entirely foreign to my surroundings. The brain is amazing in it’s capacity to multi task. Thanks for reminding us how much pleasure we can derive from the creative “process”.


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