The last few months have been a time of discovery, excitement, anxiety, and plunging into the unknown. In other words, I’ve been preparing for the publication of my novel, One Who Loves.

The publication date is now on the horizon: some time this month. I finally let go of the manuscript – a difficult act of will. I’m now concentrating on announcing the event to family, friends, associates, acquaintances – in other words, everyone I know.

One Who Loves will be published first as an ebook. The publishing plan is to sell a certain number of ebooks before the novel is made available in print. I, for one, am a recent ebook convert. I’m now reading books on my iPad, and have my eye on a dedicated ereader – well, Christmas is coming up!

What’s the novel about, you ask?

Can a strong and resilient friendship between two couples survive the challenges of jealousy, emotional turmoil, sexual desire, self-interest – even death? Enter the mind of Liz, the narrator, in the soon-to-be-published One Who Loves.

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