Press Release: One Who Loves


LA writer Toni Fuhrman’s One Who Loves a deliciously ironic novel about friendship and frustrated love

LOS ANGELES, CA (March 15, 2017) — Local author Toni Fuhrman’s first novel, One Who Loves (New Libri Press), has been released and is available in print and ebook editions. One Who Loves is a literary/mainstream novel about friendship and frustrated love — with a twist of irony and humor.

ONE WHO LOVES follows the life of Liz Keenan, a young woman passionately in love with the man who loves her best friend. Liz settles down with another man, and the two couples form an unlikely but lasting friendship. Together, they confront crises and upheavals—but can they confront the emotional turmoil simmering just below the surface? Relationships teeter on the edge of disaster in this deliciously ironic, intensely personal exploration of friendship, frustrated love, and the saving grace of compassion.

“One of the many pleasures of One Who Loves is the writing itself…” (Cecilia Woloch, poet and novelist)

“The novel’s power lies in the grace and delicacy of Toni Fuhrman’s prose…” (Judith Kirscht, novelist)

“A captivating read…complex and believable characters.” (Mary E. Trimble, novelist)

Toni Fuhrman is a novelist, essayist, and sometime poet. She spent much of her life in the midwestern area, including Ann Arbor, Michigan—the setting for One Who Loves. She lives in Los Angeles, where she is working on her next novel and publishing personal essays on her website. Her novel can be ordered at bookstores, as well as online at Amazon and Barnes & Noble.