Press Release: The Second Mrs. Price


Drama of the Mind Propels Contemporary Novel by LA Author

LONG BEACH, CA (March 5, 2018) — Selene Price, the principal character in The Second Mrs. Price (Lagoon House Press) is a woman driven by obsession—for her husband’s brother.

“Like so many women these days,” said author Toni Fuhrman, “Selene is fighting for her place in the world—the outside world and the world of personal relationships.”

Throughout this contemporary/mainstream novel, Selene is continually examining her thoughts, her motives, and her actions. This “drama of the mind” propels the narrative forward. It enables the reader to understand Selene’s mixed emotions, her divided loyalties, and her overwhelming attraction to Griff, her brother-in-law.

Will Selene disregard her own scruples and risk everything—the security of her marriage and the husband she still loves, her career, her home—for an elusive man she passionately desires but who may leave as suddenly as he turned up?

Here is a brief passage from the novel:

Why the brother? she asked herself. They share the same last name; they emerged, bloody and enraged, from the same womb. There’s something similar in the stacking up of the features, the way the ears fit snugly against the head; but how at odds they are, otherwise. Alex so solid, so grounded, so cocksure of himself; this other one so tentative, so unsettled, perched on his chair as though waiting for, expecting an alarm—a signal to flap his wings noisily, heavy and awkward as he lifts himself up and flies away.

“We all know women like Selene—or we are Selene,” Fuhrman said. “We go into battle every day of our lives and—often bloody, bruised, but determined to prevail—we learn how to take care of ourselves, how to protect our unique inner core.”

Toni Fuhrman grew up in a small Ohio town—the fictional setting for her novel. Both The Second Mrs. Price and Toni’s first novel, One Who Loves, are intensely personal explorations of intimacy and obsession within the context of strong family ties. Toni lives in Los Angeles and is working on her next novel. She publishes personal essays on writing and reading at


“A compelling tale woven from the eternal conflict between our need to belong, to be rooted, and our desire to escape those bonds and follow our passions.” (Judith Kirscht, novelist and author of The Camera’s Eye)

“An intriguing view of life, of knowing one’s self, and of love within, without, or in spite of marriage.” (Mary Trimble, novelist and author of Maureen)

“Dramatic, intimate, clear-eyed, incisive. Once you’ve spent time with Selene, Alex, and Griff, you’ll not only understand these people, you’ll fully believe in their lives.” (Holly Prado, poet and author of Really Truly: Autobiographies)


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