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Got my book just in time for a flight to Sacramento to see my nephew!!!


Sitting on my porch during a thunderstorm, listening to the frogs sing. Oops! I’ve already bent the cover.


Leaving for vacation! I’ll wave the book around a lot at airports. Gigi


We’re in Boothbay Harbour, Maine. Enjoying a beautifully written book and the beautiful scenery. Barb

Barb+TSMP on beach_IMG_0750

Halfway through the book. Warm and comfy on the beach. Barb

Tony+TSMP on beach_IMG_0753

Some of the language in this book is — uh — colorful! Tony


The brindle on my right is Bridget, the tricolor on my left is Dex, the one missing is Jake!  Judy

Jake the dog_ Judy+TSMP_20180624_090512

Wait! Here’s the missing Jake!


From Liliana. [I love the composition–and the outfit!]


We spent a day along the Trask River outside Tillamook–OR–I read and he fished. Chris

David+TSMP_Grand Central_IMG_1675

Spending some time with The Second Mrs. Price — at Grand Central Station. David


Still immersed in the story — on a cruise ship to the Bahamas.

TSMP poolside on cruise deck_IMG_1680

Mrs. Price will have to wait. This ship has a great pool!

TSMP in cruise cabin_IMG_1681

Mrs. Price on board ship, in the cabin — and in good company.

Glenna+TSMP_Book 1

You just can’t put a good book down! Even while touring the Viking settlement at L’Anse aux Meadows in Newfoundland the need to finish the story was irresistible! Glenna


Reading it, loving the final version, the deepening, the polishing. It’s a fine book, and you are a fine writer. Mary Ann


Guess where we are? DRUM ROLL, PLEASE!


The Second Mrs. Price with Suzanne — at the Tower of London!


Time out for a little reading in Toronto, Ontario.  Jen


Relaxing on the beach at CocoCay, Bahamas.  Khanh

Ah, Vermont! Before the leaves turn gold and red… taking a little time out to read…  Bill

Ah, yes! A couch, a lamp, a gripping novel.  Bea